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    London City Airport is in the heart of London, 6 miles east of the City of London and a small distance from the finance south west London Merton who are the primary users of London City Airport. In 2014 London City Airport served some 3 million passengers. It is the fifth busiest in London. Due to the airports proximity to Central London. it has stringent rules imposed to limit the noise impact from aircraft operations. This, together with the physical dimensions of the 1,508 m long runway and the steep glide slope, limits the aircraft types that can use London City Airport.


    This is the procedure to collect passengers from London City Airport. Fares quoted from all airport terminals are excluding car park charges and include 45 minutes waiting time from flight arrival time. mini cabs cars all flights using City Airport and rely on regular updates from here. Should you be aware of any severe delays to your flight please either call in or send us an e-mail to let us know as we can only go by updates given by London City Airport themselves.

    You will receive a text message when a driver has been allocated for the journey and another when he is there, the message will read your minicab is outside, however what this means is the driver is at the designated pick up point. You will also be provided with the drivers contact details, should you wish to contact him or her. call us on (020) 8540-4444.