• Our Fleet Services in London


    Saloon vehicle is similar to any Sedan vehicle or vw that can carry up to four passengers, two check-In (suitcases) luggage weigh maximum twenty kilogram and one hand luggage weigh less than nine kilogram. Our Saloon Cars testify to the reputation of the company in providing high quality services at affordable prices, with a flexibility that adapts to the desires of our clients. Saloon car is the ultimate ideal choice.


    Estate Cars can carry four passengers, up to three luggages with three suitcases. Our Estate Cars are designed to accommodate our clients and their luggage without compromising their comfort. HEC is established in the provision of the unique compact six-seater, which is still in high demand by our esteemed clients. It is the ideal for bulky items of luggage and more cargo capacity. It is also known as Station Wagon.


    Small MPV(Multi purpose vehicle) can carry four to six passengers, up to five check-In luggage weigh maximum thirty kilogram and three to five hand luggage(suitcases) weigh less than nine kilogram which depend upon the number of passengers travelling. Our Fleet has more than fifty environment friendly Volkswagen Sharon, Vauxhall Zafira and Ford Galaxy vehicles.


    Large MPV can carry eight to nine passengers, up to nine check-in luggage and up to nine suitcases weigh maximum thirty kilogram. Our Fleet has more than four environment friendly Toyota Prevail and Volkswagen Transporter vehicles. It is multi people carrier and guarantee comfort on the move. You’ll find the Shuttle packed with quality, innovation and safety features.


    At VIP MPV, we offer some of the most desirable vehicles to have ever been manufactured. VIP MPV can carry up to six passengers, six luggage and six suitcases.  At VIP MPV, we are here to provide a luxurious service, so you can expect to be treated like a VIP. Whether it is for a special occasion or just to feel the power of some of the world’s finest vehicles, be sure that we will be with you all the way. We make sure we understand our clients’ needs and desires.


    We provide you the most luxurious vehicles of the city for your comfortable ride. Our VIP can carry up to three passengers, two luggage and two suitcases for luxurious comfort. Ever expanding, we offer the widest selection of executive, performance and off-road vehicles, to the distinguished gentleman or pampered lady.